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We're trying to keep this list reasonably non-partisan, or at least balanced. If you know of a good resource, let us know.

Contact Your Representative -
This service is provided by the House of Representatives web site. Select your state, enter a zip code, and you are provided with your representative's contact information.

Contact Your Senator -
This service is provided by the Senate web site. Select your state, and you are provided with your Senator's contact information. Alternately, you can search here.

Contact the House Judiciary Committee - Oddly, only by mail:

House Judiciary Committee
2138 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Center for Constitutional Rights

Government Abuse of Power - Fighting the government’s use of the “state secrets” doctrine to cover-up its misdeeds as well as fight its classification of many First Amendment activities as “material support” to groups the U.S. has labeled as terrorist organizations.

Illegal Detentions and Guantanamo - Challenging immigration sweeps, ghost detentions, extraordinary rendition and other illegal programs the government has utilized to improperly incarcerate, in the belief that we all become less safe and less free when we trample the rights of others.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government - The FLAG Project aims to expose the government's expanding use of new technologies that invade Americans' privacy.

NSA Spying - Lawsuits challenging the retroactive immunity secured by the Bush Administration and telecommunications carriers

ACLU Resources:

All ACLU Current Action Alerts

Becoming an Effective and Efficient Activist

Other Resources:

Republicans for Impeachment - maintains list of key Republicans who can advance impeachment, among other things.